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- Search For Shows - It’s as easy as “texting.”

Whenever a particular show or movie pops into mind and you have to find it quick, you can do a search by keying in the its title. Can’t think of the title? Type in one of the actors’ names. Or the channel. Or a keyword. Here’s how you do it:



Press the MENU button on your remote


Choose the “Search for shows” option


Select how you would like to search: by Title, Person, Channel or Keyword


Use the number keys on the remote to select letters and numbers just as you would on a cell phone when you’re texting.


This unique time saving feature works for both DIRECTV CINEMA™ and general program guide searches.


- Parental Controls

DIRECTV makes it easy for you to limit or block any programming you consider to be inappropriate for your children. Our powerful Parental Controls feature, available with every DIRECTV receiver, lets you restrict unsupervised TV viewing, block specific channels, limit viewing times and set spending limits for DIRECTV CINEMA™ movies or live Pay Per View events.


Just follow these quick steps to set up Parental Controls:



Press MENU on your remote control








If you want to watch a restricted channel or program, just enter your PIN when requested.


- Save Your Favorite Channels

Did you know you can group your favorite channels into one list? To create this Favorites list, press the MENU button on your remote to go to the On-Screen Guide. (If you have a DIRECTV Plus® HD DVR, select PARENTAL, FAV’S & SETUP next).


Then for all receivers:



Select “Favorites”


Select “Set up Custom 1″


Choose your favorite channels


- Customize Your Guide

Your DIRECTV receiver displays by default all the channels DIRECTV offers in the program guide whether or not you subscribe to them. But you can actually limit the displayed channels to just those you subscribe to.


If you have a DIRECTV Plus® HD DVR, DIRECTV® HD Receiver or DIRECTV Plus® DVR:



Press GUIDE on your remote


Press the YELLOW button on your remote to display the Guide Options menu


Select “Change Favorites List”


Select “Channels I get”


You’ll now see only the channels you subscribe to. “Channels I get (fav)” should be displayed in the bottom left corner of the guide screen.


If you have a standard DIRECTV® Receiver:



Press GUIDE on your remote


Press the YELLOW button on your remote to display the Guide Options menu


Select “Change Favorites List.” You can set up one of the two custom lists to include channels you subscribe to. For this example lets use Custom list 1.


Select “Setup Custom 1″


Press the right arrow to highlight “Add Channels I Get”




Press the LEFT arrow twice. A message will pop up asking if you want to change the current favorites list to the custom list you just defined.


Select “Yes, change current”


Press GUIDE on your remote


The Guide will now display only the channels you subscribe to. “Custom 1″ should be displayed in the bottom left corner of the guide screen.


- ScoreGuide

If you’re a sports fan, you’ve experienced this: You’re watching one game and can’t take your eyes off of it, but you’re dying to know what the score is in that other big game. DIRECTV’s ScoreGuide is for you.


Whenever you’re watching a game on any national network that cover sports primarily (like ESPN), the 700 channels used for sports subscriptions (for example, NFL SUNDAY TICKET™, MLB EXTRA INNINGS™, NBA LEAGUE PASS™, etc.) or a Regional Sports Networks, just press the RED button on your remote and ScoreGuide pops up on your screen. You’ll see scores for major sporting events, a list of the DIRECTV channels carrying those events, and the ability to tune directly to those channels.


ScoreGuide is available 24/7, whenever you need to know the score.


- GameSearch

Sports blackouts, a long time source of frustration and confusion for sports fans, occur when a sporting event is not televised in a certain area. But thanks to DIRECTV’s cutting-edge technology, whenever you tune in to a channel with a blacked-out game, GameSearch™ recognizes the blackout and immediately looks to see if the game is on another channel. If a broadcast of the game is found, GameSearch displays an on-screen message that gives you the option to tune in to that channel. If it can’t find one, an on-screen message will let you know the game is not available.


What’s more, if you have a game scheduled to be recorded on a DVR, GameSearch™ will look for the game on an available channel and automatically record it.


GameSearch™ is available free of charge to DIRECTV customers who have the DIRECTV Plus® HD DVR receiver (models HR20 and HR21) or the DIRECTV Plus® DVR model R22. Later this year the service will be rolled out to basic DVRs (models R15 and R16) and next year to the HD (models H20 and H21) receivers.


- Fantasy Football

With DIRECTV, you can now track your fantasy team in real time right on your TV screen with the new Fantasy Football TV app.



Press the right arrow on your remote to bring up the TV Apps menu


Select the Fantasy Football TV app


Sign in with your Fantasy username/password


Select your fantasy football league


Choose between your league’s weekly matchup status (“League”), in-game stats on your fantasy players (“My Team”), or detailed head-to-head stats from your weekly matchup (“Game Center”)


To watch one of your fantasy player’s games in real-time, simply select the “Watch” icon next to the player’s name. (Note: You must be a NFL SUNDAY TICKET™ subscriber to see this option.)


At any time, you can select “Minimize” from the main menu to see only the score from your weekly matchup in the lower right-hand corner of the TV screen


Click here to create or join a FREE Fantasy Football league

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Dish Network:

- Add More Memory

Dish Network DVRs are able to store up to 350 hours of standard definition programming and 55 hours of high-definition programming. Not enough storage space? Consider adding an external hard drive to complement the storage space in the television box. The company's ViP622 HD DVRs are equipped with an Ethernet port for USB 2.0 hard drives. According to the site, there's no limit to how many external hard drives can be attached.

- Record While Watching

Have two shows on at the same time that you want to see? It's no problem with Dish Network DVRs. You can record one show on the one channel while watching the other show on the other channel, simultaneously, regardless of whether the channels are broadcast in high or standard definition. You can even choose to record both programs while watching one. Dish Network's DVRs feature dual tuners that allow this to happen.

- Picture in Picture

Another option for users who want to watch two things at the same time is to use Dish Network's picture in picture function. Select the first channel that you want to watch, then hit the "PIP" button on the remote control. It will then prompt you to hit a "Swap" button to split the screen, then to select the other channel to be watched. Users can toggle the "Swap" button to select which screen shows up larger on the television.

- Record in One Room, Watch in the Other

With DVRs from most cable companies, you can only watch the recorded programming on the box that you recorded the program on. However, Dish Network offers a DuoDVR. Fitting to the name, it comes with two DVR units. With it, you can watch recorded programs back on either television set equipped with the DuoDVR. For example, you can record a show on the television in the living room and watch it back on the unit in the bedroom if those are the two equipped with DuoDVRs.

- DISH Online

(1) Must have internet connected computer

(2) Create a DISH Online ID at:

(3) Customers can then go to

(4) Watch content on the computer or choose from select programming to download your compatible DVR receiver and watch on your TV through IP-VOD. Click the "Movies" tab, then select "Rent to DVR." Once you've made your selection find your download on your TV.

- Blockbuster @Home: After signing up for Blockbuster @Home ($10/mo.), customers must create an online account by going to and creating a DISH online ID, if they do not have one already. This ID and Password will be used for all login steps below:

(1) Streaming to TV: Press the DVR button on remote and select Blockbuster @Home from the On Demand menu. Next narrow your search by choosing "Genre" or "Rating" on the left. Lastly select the title you want and start watching instantly.

(2) Streaming Online: On your internet-connected computer logon to DISH Online (or the DISH Remote Access app on your tablet or phone). Next click the Blockbuster @Home logo and browse titles or search movies by title, actor or director. Lastly click any unlocked title to watch instantly.

(3) DVDs By Mail: First time users: Login to and click "Complete Registration" in the Blockbuster @Home box. Next go to Dish Online and select the Blockbuster @Home logo. Lastly click "Manage My Queue" to view the titles you'll receive in the mail, edit priorities, and add movies.


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